2023 in review

117 Food parcels

1383 people supported with bedding & kitchen equipment

733 self-paying clients

46 refugees

594 clients referred:

  • 53 via Brighter Futures for Children
  • 171 via Reading Borough Council
  • 60 via Launchpad

Over 300 items supplied


Some of you might find my story hard to hear but it’s my truth. I was married to what I thought was a wonderful man who gave me everything I needed. I was envied by my friends and parents at the school I took my child to every day. I could handle the odd slap especially when I thought it was my fault and he worked so hard to provide for us. My child didn’t see the slaps, my husband made sure my child didn’t see him being horrible to mummy, but he did ask me why my eyes were red all the time

This was the norm for a while and then the Covid pandemic forced us all into lock down and this meant there was no escape for me and my child and we could no longer hide the slaps. It took all the strength I had to leave I was broken, afraid and scared of what those uppity folks thought of me.

Now with no friends, no funds and depression slowly creeping in, I found myself standing in a house with no carpet, no cooker, no fridge, no furniture or even curtains to hide my shame. I had to go on benefits and with the little money I received had to find a way to start again.

I heard about CCA from a friend. I called, no answer, I called again and a lady asked me to come in to register. I was crying before I even sat down. She just sat there and listened and thanked me for being so brave….me brave I was terrified. She didn’t judge me or laugh, but instead made me feel safe. She helped me rebuild my home, with a bed, bedding, kitchen things and even a sofa. When you don’t have something, you really realise just how much you need it. The cost of the furniture was low, but she checked my finances over with me first to make sure I didn’t over spend and reminded me that I could keep coming back. Sometimes we only went back to see her. Her reassurance and support was empowering.

The van crew that delivered our furniture were so friendly and even took the wardrobe apart to fit my narrow stairs. They made my child laugh and they just valued us. How odd a delivery crew making you feel valued.

So, I just want to thank you for guiding me on my new journey in a home that’s safe and mine. I really do not what we would have done without you. Truly heaven sent.